Errors in Fiction Films –

Since we were children, we have been fascinated by films such as Superman, Star Wars, Spider-Man, X-Men and many other science fiction films. What fascinates us most about these films is seeing men flying, shooting lightning out of their eyes, explosions in outer space, etc. But what a lot of people don’t know is that […]

Adverbs of frequency – Educador

One way to introduce content about adverbs of frequency to students is as follows: First, start by asking the class how often they study, read, shower, brush their teeth, watch television, play video games, talk to their parents, etc. Take advantage of the answers, as it’s a way to get to know the class even […]

Does your child miss class? – Educator

If, in the face of anything that happens, such as a threat of pain, a change in the weather or a holiday, you think it’s best for your child not to go to school, know that their daily presence in the classroom is just as important as it is on assessment days. Experts point out […]

How to enter an American University –

Unlike Brazilians, the performance of American students during high school is essential for entering a good higher education course. While Brazilians need to dedicate themselves to their studies to achieve good results in the difficult entrance exams, Americans will have a good chance of being approved in institutions if they prove to have good grades […]

Car Racing and Mathematics –

Racing cars differ from passenger cars due to some characteristics, such as high speed, height from the ground, engine power, fuel consumption, wheel rims and auxiliary parts, such as front and rear spoilers. Some categories favor the structure of the passenger car, causing changes only to the suspension, engine, gearboxes, wheels and tires. In the […]

The Management of Working Capital in Organizations –

How is Working Capital Divided? What Are Its Components? What are the Possible Situations for Working Capital When Associated with the Current Balance Sheet? For some Accounting scholars, Current Assets constitute the least profitable equity group within companies, since investments in Working Capital do not directly generate physical units of production and sales. One of […]

Words that hurt –

Words are not born alone, they do not emerge from the silence of the world that wants to manifest itself, but rather planted by man’s inquiring gaze and later harvested to give meaning and meaning to phenomena and objects. Appearing in this way, from obscurity and doubt, words begin to reflect the truths that man […]


SUMMARY This research aims to carry out an analysis regarding the procedural admission of evidence obtained without a court order, on the cell phone seized due to a flagrant arrest, considering the constitutional guarantees of privacy and intimacy as limits to this collection of evidence. To this end, jurisprudential and doctrinal positions, as well as […]

Geriatric Dentistry –

Geriatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that emphasizes oral care for the elderly population, specifically participating in the promotion of healthy aging, through preventive, curative and palliative procedures. There are several changes that occur with aging throughout the organism. In the mouth we can notice, among other things: • The mucous membranes become more […]