How do you call the cat in Mexico? –

How do you say the cat in Mexico? Undoubtedly, a widely popular word to call kittens is «michi» a word from the indigenous languages ​​of our country. In these languages, very similar terms are used to refer to a cat, for example in Otomi they are called «mixi» and in Nahuatl «miztli». How do you […]

Why does my eyebrow move? –

Why does my eyebrow move? They are called myochemies or palpebral flutters and are related to what the WHO considers a «global epidemic». It has probably happened to you more than once. Suddenly one of your eyelids begins to have small and annoying spasms, completely involuntary, which usually last several seconds or even more. How […]

How do you take full control of Herbalife? –

How do you take full control of Herbalife? Take one tablet three times a day. What does Herbalife Total Control contain? General description 82 mg of caffeine per tablet. Quickly stimulates metabolism* Increases alertness* Provides a feeling of energy* Proprietary blend of green tea, black tea, and oolong tea for antioxidant benefits* Kosher certified. How […]

What happens if I give my dog ​​beans? –

What happens if I give my dog ​​beans? In moderate amounts, lima beans can be tolerated by dogs. The beans support the extrusion process very well. Fava beans can be used to increase protein percentages (very misleading in my opinion) in dog food formulas. What happens if a dog eats cabbage? Cabbage is another of […]