What was the Battle of Stalingrad? –

What was the Battle of Stalingrad? One of the most important battles fought during the Second War World took place in the Russian city of Stalingrad (today, Volgograd), then belonging to Unity Soviet. A Battle of Stalingrad took place from July 17, 1942 to February 2, 1943 and was a milestone in the direct confrontation […]

Training for the entrance exam writing test –

Numerous allegations of corruption are made daily in the media. The big question taken away from this subject is, what justifies such corruption? Is Brazilian society corrupt by nature or is it the feeling of impunity that motivates such acts of corruption? To understand corruption it is necessary to understand what leads to its practice, […]

Introduction to Histology –

With this Introduction to History video lesson, you will see a summary of the main characteristics of the tissues of the human body. Histology is the area of ​​Biology that studies tissues, their composition and functions performed in the organism. Don’t miss it!

The present indicative: verbi irregolari –

Meaning/Meaning: irregular verbs are those that do not follow, in their inflection, the same or the typical representation of the conjugation to which they belong. The irregularity may consist of: 1) changing the verbal root; 2) in changing the usual endings; 3) changing the root and endings at the same time. Abbiamo comes as follows […]

Properties of Pascal’s triangle –

Observing Pascal’s Triangle it is possible to notice some characteristics that are considered its properties. Among them, the following stand out: First and last element of a line. All lines of Pascal’s triangle will have their first and last elements equal to 1. We say this because the 1st element of a line is represented […]

Internet: radio and TV on the web –

I – INTRODUCTION The process of convergence of telecommunications and information processing technologies has promoted profound changes in the organization of work in industry, commerce, service provision, access to information, citizens’ private lives, health and education. Among the largest representatives are multimedia services, with the proliferation of varied services over the infrastructure of computer networks […]