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“Will colored TV make pinkish blue the color of life?”, in this sentence by Drummond one can see doubts regarding the benefit of this new technology. This, other tools and practices of post-modernity are leading to the adultization of children, as society and families sometimes do not protect and respect the childhood phase. Therefore, it […]

The São Francisco River in poetry – Educador

Três Marias hydroelectric plant on the São Francisco River The study of Brazilian hydrography is of fundamental importance, as the country has extensive rivers that allow economic activities to be carried out and supply the population. Brazil has several rivers, the São Francisco being one of the main ones. With an extension of 2,800 square […]

Secularization –

Secularization is the name given to the process described by some Sociology theorists that encompasses the gradual abandonment of religion and social organizations built on traditional foundations. Karl Marx, Émile Durkheim and Max Weber, three of the most important thinkers in modern sociology, believed that scientific progress and technological advancement made modern Western societies more […]

Robert Owen –

Rich English industrialist born in Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales, who became one of the most important utopian socialists through the creation of several industrial communities. Self-taught, he began working at the age of ten, as a tailor’s assistant, and his contribution was born from his own experience in a yarn factory he owned in New Lanark, […]

Opera – Browser and Browser Opera –

Opera is a browser created in 1994 by the Norwegian state telecommunications company and was the first lightweight alternative for users. It recently lost its position as «alternative browser» to Mozilla Firefox (the «light» version of Mozilla), but it still has a loyal community of users. Several of the most modern features existing among browsers […]

Aminas –

Amines are nitrogenous organic compounds, obtained by replacing one or more ammonia hydrogens (NH3) with other organic groups (alkyl or aryl radicals). They have the element Nitrogen in their general formula, there are many stimulants that have the amino compound in their formula: Caffeine, Amphetamine, Cocaine and Crack. Physical characteristics: Amines can be found in […]