5 Curiosities of Andalusia that you will love to know

Spain is an extraordinary country that mixes endless cultures, each with its legacy, nature, art and history. Among its many Communities, we want to highlight Andalusia, whose treasures go far beyond the natural and traditional, to give us in great detail the best of Spanish culture. Andalusia is made up of the provinces of Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville. It is this cultural combination that gives it a very special touch and several curiosities that you surely won’t want to miss. Without further ado, let’s start our trip through Andalusia.

Curious facts about Andalusia that you should not miss

1. Granada and Soportújar, the town of witches

If you are a fan of history and mystery, you will surely love to visit Soportújar, known as the town of witches in the Alpujarra, in Granada. According to legend, this town was chosen by the witches to hold secret covens. This is because it is surrounded by thick forests and almost 1000 meters above sea level. It is very fun to get to know Soportújan, because in every nook and corner you will see references to the famous witches, whether in caves, squares, restaurants, streets and more.

Now, the magic of this town does not remain only in fantasy. On the historical side, it is said that Soportújar had to be repopulated after the reconquest. Above all, Galician families settled, with whom the meigaswitches whose mission is to do evil to people and animals, for which they establish a pact with the devil.

In addition to all this, as another curious fact, we tell you that Soportújan’s name is «witches.» As you see, the legacy of this town is, literally, magical. So do not hesitate to visit it among all the curious places in Andalusia.

2. Cádiz and the Pópulo neighborhood

To continue with the curiosities of Andalusia, we take a step towards Cádiz, the oldest city in Western Europe. And it is not for nothing that it receives this well-deserved name, since its oldest neighborhood, El Pópulo, has more than 3000 years of history.

Delimited by three arches from the 13th century, which correspond to the old doors of the medieval walled town. Furthermore, in that neighborhood they discovered Roman remains, which are presumed to be vestiges of a ancient Roman theater that dates back to Muslim times (711 and 1492). It is estimated that this theater was built around the year 70 BC and by order of Julius Caesar. And, despite having the structure of a typical Roman amphitheater, it was initially used to store materials and accommodate different inhabitants of the city.

3. Jaén, the land of castles

Continuing on this wonderful tour of the curiosities of Andalusia, we must mention that, Throughout the entire Community, you will find castles everywhere. However, in this aspect the province of Jaén stands out. In fact, Jaén is recognized as the place with the largest concentration of fortresses and castles in all of Europe. If you are curious about visiting Jaén, we recommend that you be sure to visit the Castillo de La Mota and the Castillo de la Yedra, they are said to be among the most beautiful in the province.

4. Almería, the only desert in Europe

With the curiosities of Andalusia that we have told you, you will surely imagine endless magnificent landscapes everywhere. And, while this is true, we must add that you will not only see green and blue portraits, well In Almería, you will find the only desert in Europe. Its about Tabernas Desert, located about 30 kilometers north of the city. This place, also, due to its characteristics, was the setting for countless films. It is said that more than 300 Western films have been recorded, among which we can highlight: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966), The dead had a price (1965) or For a bunch of dollars (1964),

5. Córdoba and its great heritage

Although its Arab legacy is evident throughout Andalusia, in Córdoba it stands out greatly. In fact, Córdoba has the largest World Heritage urban area globally since 1994. And the entire old part of the city was selected as deserving of such coveted recognition.

Likewise, in Córdoba its Mosque stands out. Surprisingly, and unlike the rest of the mosques, this It is not facing Mecca. The latter is a sacred place in Islam, so all the faithful must pray in its direction and visit it at least once in their lives. Now, it is said that this is so because Abd al-Rahman I, who built this place in 786, was originally from Damascus and the city of Muhammad was there.

Although we fell short in telling you about the curiosities of Andalusia, we hope these few have inspired you to learn more about this magnificent Spanish Community. Remember that when traveling to Andalusia, you will have different cities and provinces (all full of culture and history) in which to immerse yourself and take home the best experience of your life. Dare to discover all the curiosities of Andalusia.