Napoleon Bonaparte: Life and Influence

He is still regarded today as a model of military tactics – Napoleon Bonaparte (French: Napoléon Bonaparte). Born into the lower nobility, he rose to become Emperor of France. How was this rise possible and what made Napoleon special? You can find out here! Napoleon Bonaparte Summary First and foremost is Napoleon Bonaparte in the […]

Chromatid: definition and function |

Chromatids are components of the chromosomes of eukaryotes and consist of a double strand of DNA and the associated proteins. Depending on the phase of the cell cycle, a chromosome consists of either one or two chromatids. They play a crucial role in cell division. Chromatid structure and function chromosomes contain the genetic information of […]

Weimar Constitution: Structure and Weaknesses

Did you know that the Weimar Constitution first democratic constitution in Germany was? Here you can find out exactly how the Weimar Constitution came into being and what weaknesses make it no longer in existence today! Weimar Constitution Summary The Weimar Constitution is the constitution of the Weimar Republic. She replaced the monarchy with the […]

Mass Transport: Types & Explanation |

Imagine that the cells of the body are small factories surrounded by a high wall. There are various gates in this wall. These ensure that the right raw materials get to the factory and that processed and superfluous raw materials can be transported out of the factory. The factory only works if a regulated transport […]

Cognitive Development: Definition & Examples

Cognitive development is an important part of overall child development developmental psychology. This is about the development of central abilities of the human brain, for example the ability to classify objects and people and to be able to tell them apart. Cognitive development definition Cognitive development is understood as the formation of central abilities of […]

Egyptian gods: list, family tree, meaning

In ancient Egypt, people believed in not just one deity, but in many. There were around 1,500 gods and goddesses. You can find out below which were among the most important. Egyptian gods – definition Under the term «Egyptian gods» become the deities of Ancient Egypt (3032 BC to 395 AD) understood. Ancient Egypt existedr […]

Economic Goals: Definition & Overview

You may have already learned what an economy is in our article on economics. However, every national economy is also pursuing certain goals. You can find out here what they are and how they can be measured and achieved! Economic goals at a glance The goals pursued by the national economy are so-called stability goals. […]