What is celebrated today September 27 in Mexico –

In 1947 in France the famous film Monsieur Vincent was produced, which recounted the life of the sanctimonious man, its protagonist was Pierre Fresnay who brought the character to life. On a cultural level, Saint Vincent has inspired various painters to recreate his chronicle and Catholic musicians to use his expressions in songs. He added […]

Preparation Matches of the Spanish Basketball Team –

From there, the already defined team will travel directly to Tokyo, where it will start in the Olympic tournament on the first day of the week, 26 against Japan. The next 2 games of the FIBA ​​windows will be on Thursday, November 25 against Macedonia and on Monday the 29th in Jaén, against Georgia. Sergio […]

What to do to make my baby grow in my womb –

If the development coincides with the date of the last rule, it is not changed. If, on the other hand, it does not coincide, the date of the rule auction is «changed», so that it is consistent with the development of the embryo. Ask the obstetrician who has been carrying your pregnancy from the beginning […]

What pill can I take to last longer in bed –

It is also essential that during intimate relationships we learn to breathe correctly. Breathing in and out deeply can keep our arousal at lower levels, delaying the moment of climax. Pay attention to the preliminaries, not only will they make the intimate relationship considerably more pleasant for your partner, but they are a very fun […]

How to know if I have diabetes in a blood test –

Most often, we are very thirsty and hungry, tired or fatigued, even blurred vision or a tingling sensation in our feet. We also have the possibility of suffering an immediate weight loss that is not voluntary, and urination more frequently than usual. The body does not produce insulin and blood sugar levels increase, which can […]