Ana Galindo, the one in charge of vindicating the Mexican Women’s National Teams in the U-20 World Cup

The Mexican women’s team debuts this Wednesday against New Zealand in the U-20 World Cup, which takes place in Costa Rica

Less than two months ago Ana Galindo was in charge of a concentration of the Mexican Women’s National Team U-17without knowing that he would be in charge of the team Under-20 debuting in the World Cup against New Zealand, in an attempt to reclaim women’s football from Mexico.

“A lot of responsibility to represent my country, a lot of emotion from this debut that we have dreamed of for a long time, I see the team very well connected. I ask you to enjoy a lot, to enjoy what we do, to continue supporting us, because thanks to those people who ask for more women’s soccer we continue to grow, «he says. Ana Galindowithin hours of the debut of Mexico in the world Cup Under-20 which is celebrated in Costa Rica.

Ana Galindo knows well the structure of Mexican National Teams. She is in charge of the women’s U-17 and became the first woman to lead a men’s Mexican representative, entering as an interim in a tour of the men’s U-17, because the head coach was in a tournament in France with the U-21 and the one who pointed out as his substitute suffered from Covid-19.

Mexico U-20 debuts in the World Cup against New Zealand.

A carom took her to the Under-20, after a scandal in which the coach Maribel Domínguez was involved, which ended with the departure of the historic Tricolor. In her place he entered Galindoa coach who arrived in 2019 at the structure of Mexican National Teamsmade merit by winning a championship with the U-15 category and constantly asked the coaches for permission to be present at the men’s and women’s concentrations, even if it was not in their category.

Had an opportunity to collaborate on the Mexican National Team U-20 manly and now he is in front of the Women’s U-20with the mission of exalting a category that was punished by the elimination of the 2023 World Cup and that will not play the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Mexico U-20 debuts against New Zealand, with a team that is made up of 17 players who play in the MX League and fights to make women’s soccer more visible.