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In 1947 in France the famous film Monsieur Vincent was produced, which recounted the life of the sanctimonious man, its protagonist was Pierre Fresnay who brought the character to life. On a cultural level, Saint Vincent has inspired various painters to recreate his chronicle and Catholic musicians to use his expressions in songs. He added that Iturbide agreed to offer this last step coinciding with the objective of the last insurgent, who was Vicente Guerrero, who together with Iturbide created a political pact in Acatempan that they sealed with a hug in order to achieve independence and to end the civil war. . «During that season, they began to discuss that another symbolic date had to be celebrated and it was said that the beginning on September 15 and 16 was as essential as the consummation, on September 27,» the specialist from the Autonomous University explained to Efe. Metropolitan, Blanca Garcia. On August 24, 1821, the Treaties of Córdoba were signed, in which the independence of the Mexican nation was established, being called the Mexican Empire, with a constitutional monarchical government.

September 24 – San Gerardo bishop and martyr and Our Lady of Mercy. September 8 – Our Lady of Meritxell, Santa Adela, San Adrián, Virgen de la Cabeza, Santa Núria, San Camino, Santa Aurora, Santa Fuensanta, Our Lady of Victory, Our Lady of Grace, Virgen de Guía, Santa Idoia, Virgin of Covadonga, Nativity of the Very Holy Virgin Mary and Saint Ainoa. The Catholic Church celebrates the name day of some of the canonized people every day of the year. The trips through the lands of the Gondi led Vicente to a first-hand knowledge of the pitiful material and spiritual living conditions of the peasant population, and also of the parish clergy who cared for them with serious deficiencies. According to Pouy’s theory, Vincent de Paul was born in a small rural house on the outskirts of the village of Pouy (which, since the 19th century, has been named Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in his honor), about five kilometers Dax, in the Landes department, located in the southwest of France.

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To end Spanish rule in the country, a conspiracy was hatched in the Mexican city of Dolores by the priest Miguel Noble y Costilla, who played a very important role in the fight to achieve the country’s independence. Saint Vincent de Paul is celebrated on September 27 according to the Catholic saint calendar, among other names. Saint Vincent de Paul has had multiple recognitions, several health centers, orphanages, asylums, colleges and universities such as DePaul University, Chicago in the United States bear his name or are under his patronage.

Consult today’s saints day in September and discover the names of the blessed that are celebrated this month. After half the 19th century, it was the Mexican press that has also proposed celebrating the consummation of independence, on September 27, added the specialist in the history of the State and society from the UAM. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Mexican country suffered social and political advances derived from the Bourbon reforms.

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Likewise, for the purposes established in product 33.1 of the Intellectual Property Law, the company records the relevant reservation of rights, by itself and through its editors or authors. On September 16, Mexico’s National Day, huge numbers of Mexicans take to the streets to celebrate independence and a patriotic military parade is held. The so-called \’Grito de Dolores\’ refers to the Mexican Revolution that took place in the year 1810. It is so named because the town of Dolores, located in the state of Guanajuato, was where the Mexican Revolution began. On September 16, Mexicans take to the streets to celebrate the country’s independence.

At his birthplace, known today as Berceau de Saint Vincent de Paul, stands a modest brick and wood-beam construction much like the house in which Vincent was born in 1580 or 1581.

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The Act of Independence of the Mexican Empire was drafted and signed, file through which the emancipation of the Spanish Empire was declared. According to the Stellar Moments of the Mexican Army compilation of the National Defense Secretariat, on the morning of September 27, 1821, the troops of the Three Guarantees left Tacubaya, passing through Chapultepec, joining the Tacuba road, to enter the capital. from Mexico. Spain did not accept the Treaties of Córdoba or the capitulation that Juan O’Donojú had signed and before that refusal the Triguarante Army entered the Town of Mexico triumphant on September 27, 1821, thus considering the fight for independence consummated and signing the following day the act of Independence. Viceroy Mendoza and Cortés celebrate festivities in the town of Mexico for the peace of Aguas Muertas of Carlos V and Francisco I. Any reproduction is prohibited without written permission from the company for the purposes of article 32.1, second paragraph, of the Property Law Intellectual.

The saints are set according to the day they were recognized by the church, which is why there is more than one blessed for each day, although there are always some that are much more recognized and popular than others. Now, we will discover which saint is honored each day of the month of September. On September 16, 1810, Hidalgo managed to ring the church bells. He gathered independentistas and pronounced the famous \ ‘Grito de Dolores \’, a plea in which he encouraged Mexican citizens to rebel against the Spanish and make a government loyal to Ferdinand VII. An act that is considered the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence.

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Eleven years later, on September 27, 1821, Mexico achieved independence and the country became known as the Empire of Mexico, but it would take 15 years for Spain to recognize the nation’s independence. It was in 1836, after the disappearance of Fernando VII, when Spain officially recognized Mexico as an independent, free and sovereign state. On a sea voyage, his ship is robbed by Muslims who sell him as deer, but he manages to escape. After living for a time with Cardinal Bérulle, he was appointed parish priest of Chichy and later tutor of the children of General Gondi, in whose extensive domains he carried out a great work of apostolate and charity. Among the signatures in the archive, that of Agustín de Iturbide stands out, who is the first signer of the Act of Independence and also the first ruler.

Mexico commemorates this Monday the 200th anniversary of the consummation of independence from Spain, a significant date that has hardly been celebrated throughout history but that the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has rescued in a year 2022 full of historic celebrations. The birthday is that personal date in the year that we celebrate with relatives and popular people, and to which we usually give great importance. Many people also celebrate their saint’s day, that is, the name they share with a group of people recognized by the Catholic Church as sanctimonious or blessed. International Days give us the chance to generally raise public awareness on topics of enormous interest, such as human rights, sustainable progress or health. At the same time, they intend to call the attention of the media and governments to announce unsolved problems that require the implementation of specific political measures. Every September 15, one day before the national holiday, the president of the republic rings the bells of the National Palace in Mexico City and gives a speech where he names the fallen in the war of independence.