What fractions are equivalent to 2 6? –

What fractions are equivalent to 2 6?

Decimal/Fraction Conversion Table

Fraction Equivalent Fractions 7/8 14/16 42/48 1/9 2/18 6/54 2/9 4/18 12/54 4/9 8/18 24/54

How do you find fractions equivalent to a given one?

ALGORITHM To get equivalent fractions, we can:

  1. AMPLIFY the given fraction, multiplying numerator and denominator by the same integer (non-zero).
  2. SIMPLIFY the given fraction, dividing numerator and denominator by the same integer (non-zero), provided that both divisions are exact.

What is equal to 2 6?

– 2 : 6 = 0’33333333… We see that the result is the same, so we can again conclude that these two fractions are equivalent.

What are equivalent fractions?

Two fractions are equivalent if they represent the same value.

What does given fraction mean?

To find the equivalent fractions, given a given fraction, you can divide or multiply both the numerator and the denominator by the same number. In that sense, we must bear in mind that every fraction has an infinite number of equivalent fractions.

What is the given fraction?

All fractions that are equivalent to each other express the same rational number. To obtain another fraction equivalent to a given one, we simply multiply or divide its terms by the same number.

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quantity units

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What are equivalent fractions and 5 examples?

For example, 12/30 we can divide the numerator and denominator by 2, since both the numerator and denominator are even. Now we can divide by 3. So the fractions 2/5, 6/15, and 12/30 are equivalent.

How can I tell if two fractions are equivalent?

To know if two fractions are equivalent or not, what we must do is cross multiply. That is, multiply the numerator of one with the denominator of the other and vice versa and check that it gives us the same result. Therefore, they are equivalent.