Proper nutrition can protect against erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction – also called erectile dysfunction – can have many causes. However, in addition to psychological competence, the right diet also seems to play an important role. US researchers have now found out what that is in a large-scale study.

Every fifth man regularly has erectile dysfunction. Especially after the age of 70, the stressful phenomenon occurs more and more frequently. And not only that: declining sperm quality, testicular cancer or pathological changes in the prostate also occur more frequently in advanced age. This not only affects your health, but also your general zest for life. With the right diet, however, you can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and the other diseases mentioned above. This is the conclusion of a long-term study by Harvard University.

What diet has to do with erectile dysfunction

A total of 21,469 men between the ages of 40 and 75 were observed for the study over a period of 16 years. None of them were affected by erectile dysfunction at the time of starting or suffered from a concomitant disease such as diabetes or cancer. The men submitted detailed nutrition plans at regular intervals, and an interim conclusion was drawn every four years.

It was found that some of them developed erectile dysfunction (968 cases) over time. What they had in common was a conspicuously poor diet, consisting of a lot of red meat, trans fats and ready meals. Those who reported a pleasant sex life even in old age, on the other hand, shared a love of fish, nuts, fruits, whole grain products, fruit and vegetables – i.e. the much-vaunted Mediterranean diet.

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Promote a healthy erection with the Mediterranean diet

The more unprocessed, fresher and less contaminated the food is, the more nutrients the body can draw from it. Above all, the omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in abundance in the Mediterranean diet, seem to play an important role in terms of erectile function and nutrition, the scientists suspect. Even if the two are only partially related: According to a study, sperm quality can be significantly improved with animal-based omega-3. According to further studies, nuts and whole grain products also provide “fresh momentum”.

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Important incentive to get men excited about a healthier diet

Exactly how diet and erectile dysfunction are related needs to be further researched. Nonetheless, lead author Dr. Scott R. Bauer sees a very clear connection and a great opportunity to encourage men to eat a balanced diet. «Men who want to maximize their erectile function can do a lot with the right lifestyle,» Bauer told The New York Times. According to the study report, the question now arises as to whether the Mediterranean diet not only minimizes the risk of erectile dysfunction, but also cures it. Future clinical studies should soon provide further answers.