Jorge Luis Pinto: «Calling James now is not respectful to the other players»

The call of James Rodríguez to the Colombia selection continues to cause a stir in the world of football. This time, coach Jorge Luis Pinto spoke in Radius Snail on the appearance of his name in the list of 26.

James is part of Lorenzo’s first list. EPA

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On the call: «You have to ask the coach what he is looking for and what he wants. If he wants to try with the experienced or new players. He has to build the team from now on to get to the World Cup, time cannot be wasted. The James thing is not the right time, we all want him to come to the National Team if he prepares well, but at this time it is not respectful to the other players to call him. There are other guys that I think it’s time to give him a chance. I would say that I don’t have a clear vision of what Lorenzo wants.»

The importance of calling new names: «Colombia has many players, they have to be matured at the National Team level. I think that James is not dedicated, he does not feel the shirt. HOh, leave him in his new team, prepare himself and get to know his teammates. Make merit to be called. I know others who kill themselves to come and play for the National Team. Those who are waiting see the doors closed.»