How to redeem my clear points online? –

How can I redeem my Claro points online?

Redeem your Claro club points for credit top-ups for your cell phone

  1. Enter Mi Claro from the web or dial *611 and call button from your cell phone, then choose the Claro club option.
  2. Select the benefit and click on “Redeem”.
  3. You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction.

How to redeem points in Claro?


  1. In My Claro, select the benefit and click on “Redeem”.
  2. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

What is done with Claro points?

The Claro Points are a benefit that you receive to exchange them for discounts on equipment, MB packages, SMS, minutes, obtain discounts on events.

How much is a clear point worth?

Hello, 20 clear points are equivalent to 1.00 soles, for a discount, that is, if you buy a clear team and you have 100 clear points, they will give you a discount of 5.00 soles.

How to redeem clear Latam miles?

Now you can exchange your Claro Points for miles! Transfer your Claro Points for LATAM Pass Miles. You just have to dial *2525# from your cell phone, follow the steps in the menu that you will see on the screen, and that’s it!

How to know my points in clear?

Check your ClaroClub points balance Log in! To use Mi Claro you need your password (it’s the same one you use to check your balance on *610), if you don’t know it or you’ve forgotten it you can request it on the same login page. Check your balance!

How to know your Claro points?

To check how many Claro Points you have, send a free SMS with the word “BALANCE” to 2525 from your mobile. You will then receive an SMS with the number of points accumulated to date.

How to check my Claro points?

By entering the “Promotions and Benefits > ClaroClub” section you will be able to see your points balance, the movements of your points account in the last 6 months and the prizes available to redeem online.

How much is each Claro point worth?

Hello! 20 Claro Points, equivalent to S/ 1.00 in equipment discount: Here you can calculate how much the Points you have so far are worth: /catalogue-of-prizes/discounts-in-equ…

How to use my Claro points?

It’s easy, in the Claro Club app your Claro Points appear: First click on the bar below that says «Points» and the amount will appear at the top. Another option to check your Claro Points is by sending an SMS with the word SALDO to 2525, as well as from the Mi Claro website or app.

How much is 100 Claro points?

I tell you that it will depend on the Claro Points you have, for example 100 Claro Points are equivalent to S/5.00, so the more you have, the better discount you will have.