How did the Unitarians and the Federals dress? –

How did the Unitarians and the Federals dress?

The Unitarians were identified with the light blue color, while the Federals used the punzón red. By decree of February 1832, Governor Juan Manuel de Rosas promoted the mandatory use of the so-called Federal Currency or currency punzó for members of the public administration.

How was the clothing of the feds?

A chiripá, a poncho of some bright color, tied around the waist, and loosely arranged between the legs, in the form of large baggy pants; a short jacket and a wide leather belt with wallets complete the outfit.

What style of clothing does the unitary and federal caudillo use?

The importance of the punzón currency was such that it gave color to a political position. The federals were from then on recognized for the use of the color red, as well as the unitaries for the use of the color light blue.

What was the dress like in 1816?

It was very elegant to wear a top hat and a cane, the town hall officials wore powdered white wigs, French style. For poor people the main clothing was the poncho, a short hat and a scarf to tie on the head. They went barefoot or wore shoes given to them by the rich.

How are the Unitarians and the Federals identified?

While the Unitarians fought for a centralized government, located in the city of Buenos Aires, the Federals sought political decentralization so that the autonomy of the provinces within the nation would be respected. Political group that proposed the centralization of power in Buenos Aires.

How did the Unitarians dress?

Waistcoat: white cloth. Cuartelera: Cap with red cloth sleeves with yellow trim and tassel, blue band with yellow braid and on his forehead – apparently – an embroidered flaming white grenade. Pants: white, blue or light blue cloth. Footwear: Plain black shoes, fastened with leather or thread laces.

How did the feds identify themselves?

The features that characterized the federals were as follows: Its main promoters were Artigas, Manuel Dorrego, Juan Manuel de Rosas, Facundo Quiroga and Justo José de Urquiza. Most of them advocated the establishment of a federal, representative, republican form of government.

What features allow you to warn the feds that it is a unitary?

The features that allow them to warn the federals that it was a unitary are: its u-shaped sideburns and the lack of the distinctive emblem. They demand from the unitary the use of the punzó currency.

What is the difference between Unitarians and Federals?

What is the relationship between the slaughterhouse and the feds?

The relationship that Echeverría establishes between the Slaughterhouse and the Federales is that the Slaughterhouse represented the society of that time, the Rosas government, a bloodthirsty, despotic, oppressive government.

How did congressmen dress in 1816?

The men wore tight trousers, leggings, silk vests, frock coats and tailcoats with some original touches, such as shoes with gold buckles, silk stockings and a fur hat.

How was the clothing of 1810 in Argentina?

They used chiripá, long underpants, pony boots, shirts, ponchos, sleeved caps and handkerchiefs with which they protected the back of their hair. Since shoes were very expensive, it was not uncommon for the townspeople to go barefoot.