What can I put on a freshly done tattoo –

According to Saniderm (and this recommendation really is for each and every manufacturer), you have to wash the tattoo very carefully and then start applying healing cream. After drying the cream, wash the tattoo again to pat it dry with kitchen paper. In your case, you can use up to 2 healing plasters but keep […]

What Is The Biggest Moon In The Solar System –

The Moon always shows exactly the same face to the terrestrial viewer, due to the effect of the tidal forces exerted by the Earth on the Moon. Which means that the period of rotation of the Moon around its axis coincides with the time it takes to complete an orbit around the Earth. The planets […]

You can leave the Community of Madrid today –

The Minister of Health of the Government of Ceuta, Alberto Gaitán, has requested authorization from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia to keep non-essential economic activity closed from midnight on Sunday, at the time when the state of alarm will decline. Exactly the same then, there was an enormous disparity of criteria, both on […]

How to remove spots on the face due to menopause –

Removing it completely from the face is a practically impossible task. In fact, it only disappears in 10% of situations, however, there are several methods to reduce it. “There are topical depigmenting agents, chemical peels and glycolic acid. With this you have to be careful because it can worsen the pigment ”, adds Dr. Longo. […]

How to touch the belly to make the baby move –

By eating healthy foods with different flavors, the little one’s taste buds are being stimulated. Foods such as fish, fruits, vegetables and meat must be integrated into the diet. The movements not only promote stability but generally organize and toughen the mother for childbirth, helping her to soothe aches and pains and reduce stress. When […]