What words start with K? –

What words start with K?

Examples of words with K

ka Kenya kilojoule Kantianism Kilimanjaro kinesiologist kappa kilo kiosk karaoke kilocycle kiwi karma kilogram koala

How do you write all the animals in English?


  • Cat (cat)
  • cow
  • dog
  • elephant
  • horse
  • Lion (lion)
  • monkey
  • mouse

How do you say the names of animals in English?

110 animals in english

Spanish English 1 ferret bee 2 boar eagle 3 jaguar antelope 4 giraffe spider

What are the domestic animals in English and Spanish?

Pets in English Learn to name them!

  • Bird – Bird.
  • Cat – Cat.
  • Chameleon – Chameleon.
  • Dog – Dog.
  • Donkey – Donkey.
  • Duck – Duck.
  • Ferret – Ferret.
  • Fish – Fish.

What are the animals in English and Spanish?

Contents of the «Vocabulary» section

Spanish English Pronunciation Sheep Sheep /ʃiːp/ Pork Pig /pɪɡ/ Rabbit Rabbit /ˈræbɪt/ Mouse Mouse /maʊs/

What are farm animals called in English?

Farm animals

cattle flock cow calf calf cock rooster hen hen

How do you write an animal in English?


Spanish English His cruelty to animals is unspeakable. His cruelty to animals is unspeakable. the animal the animal the animal animal animal animal

How do you spell animals?

The word ANIMALS is divided into syllables: a-ni-ma-les, it is flat and ends in «s», therefore it should not have an accent.

How do you spell animals?

Learn to write and pronounce Animals in English….Some of the best-known animals.

Spanish English Reads Araña Spider / spáide* / Ballena Whale / uéla* / Caballo Horse / hors / Cerdo Pig / pig /

How do you spell pets?

«domestic animals» in Spanish

  • critter.
  • pet.
  • domestic animal.

What animals are there in Spanish?

Here is a list of 50 to practice and expand your vocabulary.

  • bee – bee – abelha.
  • eagle – eagle – eagle.
  • spider – spider – aranha.
  • wasp – wasp – vespa.
  • whale – whale – baleia.
  • bison – bison – bison.
  • buffalo – buffalo – buffalo.
  • donkey – donkey – donkey.

How do you write squirrel with uppercase or lowercase?

Ardilla has an accent on the i (which is not the same as having a tilde), it is pronounced squirrel. Text taken from the book Spanish Correcto from the For Dummies series, by Fernando Ávila.

How do you say the squirrel or the squirrel?

It is an epicene noun, that is, with a single grammatical gender (feminine) it designates both sexes. To distinguish one from another, a modifier must be used: male squirrel or female squirrel.

How do you spell butterfly with a capital or small letter?

How to write maripozas or butterflies – It is written with s.

How do you write squirrel in letter?

How to write ardiya or squirrel – It is written with ll.

How do you write animals in cursive?

The scientific names of animals and plants are written in italics, with the first component in capital letters (designative of the genus) and, if mentioned, with the second in lowercase (designative of the species).

How do you write squirrel in cursive?

It is spelled squirrel with the letter ‘ll’. Rodent mammal, about 20 cm long, reddish black on the back, white on the belly and with a very bushy tail, which bends until it protrudes from the head. It breeds in the woods, and is very restless, lively and light.

How do you spell burning?

1. to be in combustion, to burn The upper floor was on fire.

What is a burning person?

1. adj. Brave, intrepid, brave.