What are the names of the actors of what pario? –

What are the names of the actors she gave birth to?

It is currently made up of Cristian Ontiveros, Edgar Luna, El Pinshi Orlando, Renata Vaca (Reny), Barbara Ivannova, Mónica Marquet, Ronald Hernández (Ron), Daniela Binisa, Nacho Man.

When did Barbara de Regil get married?

March 14, 2017 (Fernando Schoenwald)

Who is Barbara de Regil’s father?

William Alexander of Regil Camet

Who is Regil’s real sea father?

Personal data of Mar de Regil Parents: Bárbara de Regil Originally from: Mexico City Talents: Gymnast Height: 1.62 cm

Who impregnated Barbara de Regil?

The actress shared how she fell in love with her current husband and how relevant he has been in her life, so much so that it is Fernando Schoenwald, whom she considers to be Mar Alexa’s true father.

How many limbs does it have that gave birth?

Today it is made up of Ronald, Reny, Barbie, Kenny, Moni, Toño, Orlando, Cristian and Edgar. Ronald Hernández, better known as ‘Ron’, was born on November 7, 1990 in Oaxaca, he is an only child and graduated with a degree in Communication Sciences.

Who is the owner of what gave birth?

Ronald is the Leader and the Co-founder of Quepario with Decko, after Decko left the position of Queparió!

Why did Edgar let her give birth?

Office #6, it was suggested that the reason for his departure was because he was a stalker. Edgar 6 cm (a dog took him from the snout and we never heard from him again) we know that he was less than 1.40 cm tall and was an inveterate lover of licking armpits.

How did Marielita die who gave birth?

The death of Mariela, originally from the state of Oaxaca, occurred on May 19, 2019. She was hit with a pipe to the head. “I am deeply saddened by the death of Mariela Saidi Méndez Hernández, Marielita; young Oaxacan biologist, and great life partner of my friends from the QueParió!

Who died of what gave birth?

Mariela Saidí, a contributor to the YouTube channel QueParió, would have been murdered by her boyfriend on May 19 in Oaxaca, according to data from the State Attorney General’s Office. According to the QuePario collective, Marielita, as she was known on the channel, was murdered by her boyfriend in the city of Oaxaca.

How tall is Cristian who gave birth?

José Christian Chávez Garza (McAllen, Texas, United States, August 7, 1983), artistically known as Christian Chávez, is an American actor and singer….

Christian Chávez Height 1.80m Professional information Occupation Actor and singer Active years 2002 – present

What is the name of the Japanese woman from whom she gave birth?

Yayoi Kusama – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What gave birth to member youtubers?

How old is Edgar Luna?

Edgar Luna was born in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, on April 21, 1992. He is a voice actor, comedian, youtuber and communicator, he has worked on series such as Sailor Moon Crystal and The Seven Deadly Sins and is part of the QueParió Club!