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The public schools in the neighborhood refuse to accept the girls, who have been humiliated and defamed in the region. However, the deputy director of the center manages to enroll them in a respected private school. Its protagonists must deal with the rejection of society and make their way in their new school. Moving and energetic, the story of these girls goes through survival, coping with everyday life, love, friendship and resistance. Telecinco has decided to reduce the number of episodes it broadcasts each week of \’Love is in the air\’, ruling out Monday night. The new production is an adaptation of the British BBC series Doctor Foster.

A father who, after entering prison, has replaced his love for his wife with a deep hatred. And a mother whose relatives have robbed her of her future, happiness and fortune. Light of Promise can now be seen in Divinity and stars Isabella Damla Guvenilir (\’Elif\’), a young promise of Turkish acting, Fatih Ayhan (\’Room 309\’) and Gülsah Aydin (\’Yasak Elma\’ ). The successful Turkish series from Antena 3, Mujer, which captures the story of a courageous mother’s fight, can be seen in Spanish on Atresplayer, so if you missed it when it was broadcast on television, you still have time to watch it . If you are a follower of Turkish fiction, you will undoubtedly know this series. It tells the story of some students who become genuine matchmakers to make their teacher fall in love with the basketball coach.

Emotional and romantic, this tragic Turkish series focuses on the narrative of 2 wealthy businessmen who are infatuated with cars and motors. The life of one of the main characters takes a turn when an individual from the past returns to his story. Meanwhile, fate leads him to meet an idealistic doctor and with her he reveals her affection.

Hercai In Nova And Atresplayer

Mitele’s catalog includes free My home, my destiny, another of the Turkish series that Mediaset broadcast in Spanish. In this case, the plot takes a turn around Zeynep, a humble little girl who is adopted by a rich family but later returns to her biological mother. Another of the Turkish series that has made the Spanish public fall in love with the generalist channels is Mi Hija. This moving story starring a father and a daughter captivated the Spanish public on Antena 3 and can now be seen for free on Atresplayer. The first installment ends with its 31st chapter and the second is made up of 23 chapters.

\’Doctor Foster\’ is a psychological drama and \’Unfaithful\’ continues in its wake. The actress Cansu Dere gives life to Dr. Asya Yilmaz, a strong, familiar and brilliant woman in her office as a family doctor. She lives an idyllic, peaceful and happy life with her son Ali, until she suddenly falls apart due to the alleged infidelity of her husband Volkan. In Mitele Plus, under payment, you can see Omer, stolen dreams.

Ada Masali The Tale Of The Island In Divinity And Mitele

With the free subscription you can see each and every one of the episodes that have been broadcast on Telecinco. However, if the viewer wishes to anticipate the broadcasts, then he will have to pay a monthly fee of 4 euros. In this way, they will be able to enjoy the content without advertising and they will have the option to download it. In this way, we have seen how Derin and Asya were finally found. Now, a new problem has been announced in Volkan’s life. For example, so many issues, we are participants in those consequences of his plan, which ended up cornering Derin.

The hoax lasts for a while until they finally end up falling in love. Hercai presents the love story and revenge between Miran and Reyyan, a couple who try to fight against their families to be together. After several weeks broadcasting Love is in the air for three nights a week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), Telecinco decided to stop producing new episodes of the Turkish romantic comedy on Monday nights.

Original Title: Sadakatsiz

This is the fifth Turkish series that Antena 3 has opted for, after the success of Mujer, Mi hija, Tierra Amarga and also Inocentes. Although the television channel has not yet confirmed exactly on what date and time Infiel will premiere, one opportunity would be for it to be broadcast in the slot that will leave every Sunday during the night My daughter, which is nearing its end. Dr. Asya will discover that her husband has been having an extramarital affair with a girl named Derin for two years now.

Sweet Revenge On Divinity And Mitele

This new series unites in the same undertaking the 2 main characters of Mujer and Mi hija, the cause of the success of these 2 fictions in Spain. The unfaithful husband is played by the actor Caner Cindoruk, the main male character in Woman, which is the trailer for the series that heads this article, and the brilliant betrayed doctor is the actress Cansu Dere, the protagonist of Mother. The original series had only ten installments divided into 2 seasons, while the Turkish fiction has a total of 31 installments. The Turkish network Kanal D premiered the series on October 7, 2020 and offered its outcome on June 2. If there are no new changes, the second season of \’Sadakatsiz\’ will be released next September. In Amar es spring, one of the Turkish series from the Mitele Aggregate catalogue, Öykü and Ayaz meet by chance on one occasion, and chance wants them to meet again.

Omer, Stolen Dreams In Mitele Plus

This series, starring Can Yaman, tells the story between a wealthy boy and the chef who works at his house. This Turkish-inspired romantic comedy is also airing on Divinity and stars the actress from Mujer. Zeynep and Fatih happen to be on the exact same flight back to Turkey, and neither wants to meet up with their loved ones to explain themselves. On the one hand, Zeynep Taşkın does not want to tell Fatih that her boyfriend left her and that she is currently a single mother of a child; while Fatih is a millionaire who does not want to marry the woman his parents have decided on. In the finale, they share their history with each other and decide to fix their problems by pretending that they are a couple.