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Denialism is a social behavior that reflects the denial of a reality as a form of escapism. This attitude causes, for example, the emergence of outbreaks of already eradicated diseases and the invalidation of science. Based on this idea, the proposal of the Writing Bank of the month of May is for you to develop an essay on the topic: Effects of scientific denialism on society.

To carry out the proposal, you must build a dissertation-argumentative text responding to the proposal’s question, demonstrating mastery of the standard language, mobilizing different areas of knowledge, that is, your knowledge of the world to develop the topic, respecting the structure of the dissertation-argumentative text.

Furthermore, you must take into account the texts presented in the collectionraise the main arguments, data and examples and carry out a critical analysis, making it clear your position on the topic at the conclusion of the text. Present a proposal for intervention that respects human rights.

Find out how to write a good dissertation and also get to know the characteristics of this textual genre?.

ATTENTION: essays will be corrected according to the criteria of the AND EITHERfollowing its analysis and scoring method, as well as its rules.

Pay attention to the reasons that could ruin your writing:

1) Total departure from the topic;
2) Non-compliance with the essay-argumentative structure;
3) Text with up to 7 lines;
4) Improperisms, drawings and other forms of purposeful cancellation or part of the text deliberately disconnected from the proposed theme;
5) Blank writing;
6) Copy of the motivating text.

Schedule for submitting essays:
1st period: May 1st to 8th
2nd period: May 10th to 18th
3rd period: May 20th to 27th

Avoid sending your essay on your cell phone. The structure of the text can be compromised and the cell phone’s spell checker can change words.

Fixes will be available until the day June 1st.

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