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It may not be a very exciting topic, but it is very informative, and I think we should all know the differences between materials and the different nomenclatures. The long-sleeved shirt is obviously the best garment to protect yourself from the cold in winter. We only manufacture this model in elasticized Egyptian cotton, which allows it to fit perfectly to the body and is unsurpassed in tranquility. Men’s undershirts deserve special attention today from our place.

It is a good measure of the strength of a fabric, especially when comparing 2 products of the same material. It’s a good measure of strength and durability when you’re comparing 2 products of the same material. For example, a 400D nylon bag is not as strong as a 600D nylon bag.

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The inclination of the written content and fonts that influence the fashion garments for this season, is interpreted in a super comfortable model that is very modern at the same time. They are in direct contact with the skin throughout the day and are the most sensitive parts of the human body. If these garments are made with soy fabric, as you can see the properties for the skin are multiple. The fact of being developed with the best fabric makes them remarkable.

Such an easy question at first glance and at the same time so complicated, because there are many causes that make this choice whether the person feels comfortable or not. Cottons of excellence, which due to the length, brightness, serosity and fineness of their fibers, only have the possibility of being produced in very certain places, such as the northern part of Peru and Egypt. Much is said about the Scottish thread, however, few people know what it really means and what it really is. We cannot talk about Scotch yarn without first talking about cotton, as this is the basis that later gave rise to this name.

Which is very beneficial in summer as it keeps the body cool. But it is also in winter, as it has a thermoregulatory effect on body temperature. Cotton, linen, natural silk, were natural and noble materials that have dressed humanity since remote centuries and still continue to do so.

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And it is that soy yarn is a sustainable fiber, respectful of the environment with amazing characteristics. An example of his tool is the incorporation of lace to the new collections of t-shirts and women’s panties. Being organic cotton considerably slower than common cotton, the skin of our feet breathes and perspires much better and in a very natural way, making us feel the tranquility that this softness provides and transmits. If you use a size or 2 less than the one that corresponds to it, the brief at first glance will fit the person, but it will lose the tranquility for which it has been designed. In addition, by tightening the fabric more, it will become thinner little by little and will have less consistency, so that the fabric will be much more vulnerable to the friction of the pants, shortening the life of the garment.

We are increasingly aware of the relevance that everything that is in contact with the skin must be natural and even more so when it comes to our underwear such as panties or t-shirts. Since the characteristics of these garments go directly to the skin. The development of mercerization was created by the Englishman John Mercer in 1844 (that’s where his name comes from). ✅ Lightly waxed, fine, perfect for tight interdental spaces, removes plaque and food residue. 【Ergonomic Design】:The design of the handle is at the golden point of the floss, and the middle part adopts a convex design to improve the feeling of the hand and save effort and protect the teeth. Thanks to the fresh minty taste, you will know that flossing works efficiently.

Our pinstripe boxers and briefs are made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton. They are timeless handcrafted models, unique pieces that are identified by an exceptional finish. Don’t worry, you don’t need to study the hundreds and hundreds of comments we’ve read about flossing and do a master’s degree in health and personal precaution. Only those that have passed our much stricter quality tests appear on our list.

Mara Expert Dental Floss Picks, Interdental And Tongue Cleaning, Waxed Dental Floss And Pick In One

The Nile River, in a certain season of the year, suffers an enormous flood of water, which causes the flooding of the lands that constitute its banks. The average price of our selection is €8.0, but what is truly essential is that you find everything you are looking for in dental floss. Gently cleans around dental appliances or bridges and much larger interdental spaces.


Dental Floss, Floss Stick, 3 Boxes, Disposable Dental Floss, Dental Floss Caution, Portable Dental Flosser, Clean Teeth to Remove Plaque and Food Debris. 【Comfort Toothpick with Handle】The tip of the dental floss stick is toothpicks, you can use toothpicks and dental floss to easily clean the big rest on your teeth. The food grade HIPS toothpick is safe, permanent and unshakable and feels comfortable. 【Very Elegant Dental Floss】400D UHMWPE dental floss is safe, hassle free and can clean teeth smoothly, not bifurcated.

If you want to choose the items visually, you can see a sequence of photographs from the Olympic catalog here. Click on one of the images and you will access the online purchase of the product for your training specifically seeing its attributes and cost. The truth is that the excellent quality of its material, Egyptian Cotton, makes it a garment with an impeccable fit and unusual tranquility. At ZD we are happy to have our own production without relocation to third countries. Our garments have been made 100% in our Mataró factory since 1920. Almost a century later, ZD is still one of the best underwear firms.