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It is the end of an experience that has changed the lives of its main characters for life and in which the participants will settle scores with their partner and, more than anything, with themselves. At the moment when Sandra Barneda told her that she had to chat with her alone, the young woman burst into tears and we saw her very nervous. So much so that Zoe, with whom she had argued a few minutes ago, calmed her down by telling her that if Barneda left her, they would be there with her. Sandra admits the confrontation bonfire with Darío without thinking about it.

Rosario realizes how comfortable she feels with Suso and that makes her want to spend little by little more time with him. Her companions told her that the only thing that could be seen in the images of her was Darío very hurt with her, commenting that he needs her to apologize. A way of seeing the images that did not serve Sandra, who broke down and begged to see Darío.

The Last Temptation

What is clear is that some are being stronger than others. The chemistry of the competitors caused the temperature to rise more than once. But also the tension between the singles, who sometimes coincide in their conquests. Telecinco has launched a promo announcing that this week there will be a double distribution of La Isla de las Tentaciones 4.

However, it is not the only moment that has left us without expressions of this long-awaited new episode of reality. In this program 8 we will also observe the confrontation bonfire between Sandra and Darío after revealing the best kept secret of the Alicante woman and, in addition, we will see a new bonfire of the girls where they will discover the new infidelities of their partners. \’The last temptation\’ comes to an end with the last moments in Paradise, the five final campfires and an unexpected surprise.

The Five Final Campfires Of The Couples: So Their Decisions Have Been

A chapter 8 that is going to be marked by new disloyalties and unexpected surprises and that you can see, before absolutely anyone else, online. This chapter 8 of La isla de las tentaciones 4 will be available from tomorrow, December 27 at 3:00 p.m. for subscribers to MiTele Added, just 24 hours before its premiere on Telecinco.

However, one still harbors hopes of resuming their courtship. Alejandro was deserted at the moment that Tania left him in \’The island of temptations 4\’. They had not fallen into temptation and that is why the model did not expect his girlfriend to be so forceful. The comments that Tania heard from Alejandro hurt her deeply to the point of ending her duty. Mediaset changed the schedules of La Isla de las Tentaciones 4 on the occasion of the match between Alcoyano and Real Madrid, held on Wednesday, January 5. Now the company announced new changes for the week of January 10 to 16.

As announced by the official Twitter account of the program, The Confrontation of Temptations will show the face to face between Stiven and Alejandro and the advances of the final bonfires. Telecinco gave certain brushstrokes about the end of The Island of Temptations 4. After admitting that they are partly a toxic relationship, Darío did not want to see the images of Sandra and Rubo and told Sandra that she had been the love of his life .

Showdown 1 \’The Island Of Temptations\’ 15

Enthusiasts were able to see the premieres of two new seasons of the format and a \’spin-off\’, The Last Temptation, during 2022. Charo, Rosario’s mother, will explain all the details of the bonfire in which she met Álvaro, her daughter’s boyfriend, and discovered that the two had been unfaithful. The first distribution of the final program will be released on the first day of the week during the night after The Showdown of Temptations. The second chapter will arrive on the interface on Tuesday night, after the broadcast of the first section openly. Álvaro and Rosario had endless comings and goings during their 4 years of relationship. The two fell into temptation and in the end they broke up because they claimed that they did not love each other «well».

The Island of Temptations 4: See Chapter 8 Finished

The final software will be divided into 2 parts that will air on Tuesday, January 11 and Wednesday, January 12. From La Vanguardia we are going to be doing a preview until the start of the broadcast on Telecinco. The tension and the reproaches occur between them, they remember the terrible moments of the relationship between Álvaro and Rosario and Charo examines if the one from Alicante can have something between the 2 tempters or if she thinks she is going to regret what she has done. Finally, both merge into a hug and recognize that for a time they have gotten along very well.

However, it was time to answer the much more feared question. We will see the answer only in The Confrontation of Temptations. Jealousy, tension, tears and a bombshell about something that happened off the island. The sequel to \’The island of temptations\’ ensures to bring us even stronger emotions. Five couples who are the stars of the reality show return to the corner of facts to face a new challenge and settle all the pending accounts that they still have to solve. A Mediaset promo shared on Saturday, January 1 ensures that The Island of Temptations will return with a fifth edition in 2022.