Robert Pattinson – fit for “The Batman” with tough training

Fans are eagerly waiting to see Robert Pattinson as Batman on the big screen. After Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, the 35-year-old has now taken on the superhero role. FITBOOK takes a look at the training and diet the Brit used to prepare for the task.

From teen heartthrob to muscular superhero, Twilight’s vampire Edward Cullen has become Batman. Robert Pattinson joins a ranks of well-known actors who already tried to save Gotham City as a bat superhero. Just like them, the Brit also had to get in top form. On the one hand, to be able to convince optically as Batman. On the other hand, to master challenging stunts and fight scenes. Robert Pattinson therefore completed special training and adjusted his diet.

Goodbye sports muffle!

Actually, the 35-year-old actor is not one of those Hollywood stars who constantly lift weights. In spring 2020 he emphasized in an interview with «GQ» that he was not necessarily the fittest and most hard-working athlete. But in preparation for his role as a superhero, he seems to have changed his mind. In any case, in the trailer for “The Batman”, the former teenage idol is in top fighting form and flexes his muscles bare-chested.

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The goal of Robert Pattinson’s training

In an interview with , the actor revealed to which training and diet Robert Pattinson owes his transformation «Healthy for Men». When it comes to workouts, he says he takes inspiration from «veteran superheroes» like Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman), Chris Evans (Captain America) and The Rock (Black Adam). To cope with the physically demanding filming and stunts of The Batman, Pattinson trained in short, sharp, functional movements. His program included martial arts, for example, but also military exercises with sandbags on the beach. Regular running also strengthened his general fitness. «It’s about pushing the limits and getting to a point where you know you can handle the physical demands,» Pattinson said.

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Above all, physically preparing for a film role was apparently a first for Pattinson. Surprisingly, he seems to have liked the challenge: “I want to learn and achieve something new with every project. That usually consists of embracing a character of someone who has a different personality than me. But to experience a physical transformation beyond that feels exciting.”

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The Batman workout at a glance

Circuit training in the gym

  • 5 minutes cardio
  • Bicycle crunches (3 sets of 25 repetitions each)
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise (3 sets of 25 reps)
  • Double Crunch (3 sets of 25 reps)
  • Superman exercise (3 sets of 25 repetitions each)

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  • 5 to 10 kilometers three to four times a week

outdoor training

  • Workout on the beach with military-style exercises with sandbags


  • One-hour sessions that burn up to 800 kilocalories and build fitness, strength and speed

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What did the “superhero diet” look like?

In order to achieve the best results, sport and a coordinated, balanced diet should always go hand in hand. Of course, Pattinson also took this to heart for his Batman preparation. However, this does not seem to have included a specific diet or a fixed nutritional plan. Instead, the actor reduced the amounts of certain foods he was eating. He avoided processed meat and fried foods as much as possible to support his fitness and physical transformation. Alcohol was also an absolute no-go during this time. The result of Robert Pattinson’s transformation can be admired in the cinema trailer and from March on the big screen in «The Batman».