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Opera is a browser created in 1994 by the Norwegian state telecommunications company and was the first lightweight alternative for users. It recently lost its position as «alternative browser» to Mozilla Firefox (the «light» version of Mozilla), but it still has a loyal community of users. Several of the most modern features existing among browsers came from Opera and were copied to others.

Opera Web Browser is a high quality browser, supporting different platforms, operating systems and even embedded web browsing systems, such as PDA’s and cell phones. For this purpose, it uses a renderer called ‘Opera Mobile Accelerator’ that allows good viewing of content, even on small screens.

It is the third most used browser, behind Mozilla and Internet Explorer. However, as Opera becomes increasingly efficient, new users are gained daily.

Versions prior to Opera 5, which was launched in December 2000, were shareware, as the user downloaded the browser, used the program for a while and after this trial period had to pay to continue using the program. However, Opera Software, the developer of Opera, started using the adware scheme from version 5 onwards, meaning that any user can use the browser, and anyone who chooses not to pay will see a banner at the top of the program. , next to the standard buttons. This is not to harm the use of Opera, but anyone who wants can pay and have the banner removed.

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Features of Opera Web Browser

Opera Web Browser has all the features of the most modern browsers, and also pioneered some of the biggest innovations in the history of browsing:

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– Free and ad-free license.

– Provides protection against spyware, computer viruses and other malicious applications that can infect the computer while the user surfs the web. For example, it shows security information within the browser’s address bar, located next to the padlock icon that indicates the level of security present on a website. It also offers protection against phishing attacks and automatically scans for security updates.

– Pop-up window blocker. Allows the user to block all pop-ups, or open only those that have been requested.

– Tabbed browsing, each new page opens in the form of internal windows in the program

– Integrated search engine

– Opera M2Email Client

– RSS NewsFeed

– IRC client

– Erase private data

– Themes for better user visualization.

– Password manager (known as Wand) that stores usernames and respective passwords for accessing internet pages. It can store more than one username and password per page, also allowing the user to select which combination to use if multiple combinations are stored.

– Mouse gestures navigate pages faster with configured mouse commands

– Support for the BitTorrent protocol, available in version 8.02

– Zoom pages, remove images.

Official site: http://www.opera.com