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He knows that the only way to get her to leave him alone is to gain her trust. He offers her to renovate the house of a fundamental couple of his friends and thus be able to fit them some other project much more. Seeing Eda chat with Efe makes Serkan very jealous, and he asks that even though they are no longer together, what he does with Efe, he does not do in front of him.

Episode 51 finishes showing up and fans of the material can’t wait for the bond between Eda and Serkan to finally stabilize. In “Love is in the air” chapters 50 and 51, Eda tries to find out the truth about her separation from Serkan. Eda’s (Hande Erçel) pregnancy continues under the watchful eye of Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bürsin).

Preview In Photos Of The New Chapters Of \’love Is In The Air\’ On Wednesday, March 3

The surprise, finding Eda singing a love song. Especially since Eda has found out that Serkan is trying to find out on her own and has been pissed off. Eda wanted them to do everything together, so she understands that her partner acting alone doesn’t sit well with her. Over time they learned to trust each other, but in their first stage mistrust and lies -or what they thought were lies- were the order of the day. Fortunately, everything is solved when the baby gives her first kick, although Serkan does not feel it. On top of this, Eda and Serkan soon discover that what awaits is…

Telecinco broadcasts this Wednesday, March 3, episodes 49, 50 and 51 of \’Love is in the air\’, according to the schedule sent to the media. FOX Turkey continues this Wednesday, September 1 with the broadcast of \’Sen Cal Kapimi (\’Love is in the air\’) with episode 51, the penultimate of its second season. It is Piril’s birthday and assuming that Enguin will give her a surprise celebration, she is disappointed when she sees that she is going with the boys to play a console game at Arptekin’s house. When Enguin suddenly finds out that it’s her birthday, she convinces the guys to meet them at karaoke. Serkan initially doesn’t want to attend but knowing that Eda is there, she can’t resist.

In Love Is In The Air Chapters 50 And 51, Eda Tries To Find Out The Truth About Her Breakup With Serkan

While a little brother or sister was what she wanted most, she has yet to come to terms with the changes. In today’s episode of Love is in the air, a new shareholder arrives at Art Life after buying Selin’s shares in the company, something that creates mistrust in Serkan. In addition to this, Efe, the new colleague, is a famous landscaper who will not stop until he works with Eda. While Serkan can’t wait to find out the gender of the baby, Eda asks for it to be a surprise. Although Serkan pretends to admit the situation, he mobilizes everyone and everything to secretly find out the gender of Eda’s baby. For Kiraz, the bells of jealousy now began to ring.

The copyright of the poster, cover, trailer, stills, original soundtrack, logo, images or photographs of each DVD, VOD, Blu-ray, VHS or Network belong to the corresponding producers and/or distributors. Piril has a birthday and while her friends prepare a surprise celebration for him, the boys organize a soccer tournament at Serkan’s house. When Engin finds out about the celebration without knowing that his girlfriend has a birthday, she will not be able to sit idly by. On the other hand, Serkan continues trying to discover who is the mysterious partner of Efe who refuses to tell him.

Of course, all this will come to nothing when Eda suffers a real accident. Until now she was the youngest of the family, but now she is going to become her older sister. There are too many emotions for her to manage and she can’t help but show her jealousy. Kiraz kicks Serkan Bolat to mention that she can kick too.

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Kiraz hits Serkan out of jealousy. Without a doubt, these are defining days in the plot of “Love is in the air”, but there are still a few months left before these images are available to the Spanish public. Unfortunately, waiting is still our only option. All comes to naught when Eda falls off a ladder while trying to retrieve a balloon for her daughter at Serkan’s birthday party.

The doctor calls them to provide them with the news and the architect is very happy to finally understand what will come. Aydan is willing to leave her fears behind her but she knows that the only person who can help her is Eda so she ends up asking for her help. Eda attends her house on the condition that they don’t talk about Serkan when she enters. The intellectual property rights of the reviews correspond to the individuals who have made them and the Palomitacas portal. If you want or need to use any criticism, you must request express permission from its creator or contact our support service. has no relationship with the director or producer of the series.

In the next chapter of season 2 of Love is in the air, we will discover what consequences this fall has for the baby. We love the globalized world, but it still hasn’t worked out exactly as we would like, especially if we are waiting for content that we are fans of, as is the case with “Love is in the air”. The telenovela is broadcasting its second season in Turkey and Spain, although here we see it with multiple delayed chapters.

Eda And Serkan In Chapter 50 Of \’Love Is In The Air\’ Entitled \’The Birthday Party\’

If you are not ready to wait months to find out how Eda and Serkán’s narrative continues, then read on. She tells a couple of people who insinuate that she may be pregnant… One of them is the woman whose house she is going to renovate, who is also pregnant and has the same symptoms as her. «It’s very strange because she had never made me dizzy like at this moment,» says Eda. Things cannot stay like this and Eda goes to ask Aydan for explanations first and then Serkan, who asks her not to continue insisting on finding an explanation for her breakup due to the fact that they will not be together again.