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According to the programming of the Antena 3 grid of some platforms such as Movistar, «Inocentes» will continue to be broadcast. In communities, there are many followers of the series who speculate that what will begin to be broadcast from now on will be reruns. However, upon arrival, he meets Safiye, who poses as the owner of the building and prevents her from passing. The situation is becoming tense at times due to Safiye’s lousy ways.

We are talking about Inocentes, an attractive series that is also sweeping Latin America with its plot. Atilla Sendil plays Memduh, the grandfather of Inci and his brother Ege, played by Emir Özden. Alper Saldiran is Uygar, the protagonist’s alcoholic boyfriend. Esra Rusanes Esra, Inci’s best friend, and Ugur Uzunel, Esat, Han’s colleague. «Inocentes» arrives on Antena 3, the new Turkish series that has already moved thousands of individuals around the world.

The history

Knowing this, now it remains to be determined how many episodes there will be in this second season, which is already being broadcast successfully in Turkey. What is clear is that if Antena 3 wishes, there will be a second season of “Inocentes”. That is so because the Turkish producer has recorded a second season. What has not yet been revealed is how many chapters this second part will have.

They are made for each other, but their chronicle seems unrealizable as they are trapped in 2 familiar worlds with huge complications. «I feel the same from the moment I met you,» Han declares to Inci with feelings on the surface. Members of his family have been marked by traumas that have deeply affected them. He lives with her three sisters, Safiye, Gülben, and Neriman, and her father, Hikmet.

Innocents The New Turkish Series

That yes, each chapter of the series has a duration of around 120 and 140 minutes, so it could be the cause of its extension in the chain, in that of being shortened. If so, the series would have a broadcast on the air for several months, during which time it will keep everyone off balance with its intriguing story. Be that as it may, they comment that the highlights come in smaller bottles, something that ‘Innocents’ intends to show us all. Antena 3 has so far broadcast part of chapter 80 of Mujer and there will only be one much more chapter left for the end of the Turkish series that has given Antena 3 so much joy after the delay that occurred the previous week.

For this reason, and so that you do not miss anything, we have compiled exactly where the main characters and the plot are so that you do not miss any aspect of the next series finale. In other words, everything you have to understand about the expected ending of Woman. The plot is based on a novel \ ‘The inside of the Medallion \’ published in 2004 by psychiatrist Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu, who had previously now been inspired by some of the cases of her request for more literary works. Some even jumped to the screen as \’My home, my destiny\’.

A plot full of obstacles and barriers will put the love between the 2 protagonists to the test. She, tied to her past and he, trapped in a world with no way out. Antena 3 will continue in this way betting on Turkish soap operas after Tierra Amarga, which can be seen on the channel’s afternoons from the beginning of July. Innocents could fill the gap left by the outcome of Woman, whose last chapter is thought to be broadcast in \’prime time\’ on Tuesday, July 20. If there is any doubt, one of the great premieres of the year with which Antena 3 has headed the television grid as audience leader was its signing for ‘Inocentes’.

Inocentes: how many episodes does the Turkish series of Antena 3 have?

Inci lives with her grandfather, Memduh, and her brother, Ege (Emir Özden), after their mother abandoned them. In the first preview of the fiction, it can be seen how Uygar, the young woman’s boyfriend, asks her to marry him. The couple has gone through some problems due to his alcoholism and she does not dare to break their relationship. On the other hand, Inci is a girl with dependency problems who lives with her brother and her grandfather, after being abandoned by her mother. She always tries to be with everyone and is unable to end the toxic relationship she has with Uygar, her alcoholic boyfriend. Known in its original version under the title of ‘Masumlar Apartmani’, this Turkish production is made up of only one season.

Neriman, who sees from the house what is happening at the entrance, warns Han, who quickly goes down to check on his sister. The reunion of her has occurred much earlier than they believed due to the fact that she turns out to be his new neighbor. Safiye, the oldest of them, is the most problematic in the house due to her extreme obsession with cleanliness. She holds under her yoke Gülben, who is an innocent person, bound and submissive. The little girl, Neriman, has asthma and sometimes self-harms.

Inci was involved in a sea of ​​concerns to cut or not her affectionate relationship with Uygar. His inconvenience with alcohol generated many discussions in the couple, but it was difficult for Inci to offer the step to cut down completely. But when she gave the feeling that the young woman was already resolved to leave him forever, a surprise birthday party turns her projects upside down and, on top of that, a proposal from Uygar removes her doubts. Inci and Han are going to meet by chance, but their love will mark their paths for life against all odds.