Brasil Colônia no Enem –

The period in Brazilian history called «Brazil Cologne» has a temporal extension of three hundred and eight years – counting from the year of discovery, 1500, until the year of arrival of Portuguese Royal Family, in 1808 (when Brazil stopped being a colony and became part of the Portuguese United Kingdom). As it is a […]


SILVA, Renato Feitosa da.Malco’s right ear. Formosa, 2014. 34p. Monograph – Faculty Entre Rios do Piauí – FAERPI 1. SUMMARY Ancient and contemporary theorists address topics involving religious leadership. The objective of this work is to bring a critical reflection on the subject, making an analogy between the priestly ministry of Aaron and his sons […]

Corded telephone – Educador

Experiment – ​​wired telephone In a physics class focused on topics such as three-dimensional waves, that is, waves that propagate in the air or in metals and also covering acoustics, we see the need to draw students’ attention to the topics. It is known that the demotivation of students in physics occurs due to the […]

Electrostatic shielding – Educador

In a class on conductors in electrostatic equilibrium, it is not possible to forget Faraday’s famous experiment and his cage. Sometimes, when we talk about this experiment, students don’t give it much importance because it seems silly to imagine that a cage is capable of preventing someone inside it from suffering some type of electrical […]

The origin of i squared is equal to -1 –

In the study of complex numbers we come across the following equality: i2 = – 1. The justification for this equality is generally associated with solving quadratic equations with negative square roots, which is an error. The origin of the expression i2 = – 1 appears in the definition of complex numbers, another subject that […]

Austro-Prussian War and German Unification –

The Austro-Prussian War – also known as the Seven Weeks’ War – took place in 1866 and pitted the strengthened Prussian kingdom against the Austrian empire over the territories of the duchies of Schleswig and Hosltein, which both countries had conquered from Denmark in 1864. during the War of the Duchies. This war was another […]