Pheromones, the smell of love and cis-trans isomerism. Pheromones –

Pheromones are chemical substances secreted by an individual that allow communication with other individuals of the same species. The chemical message transmitted by pheromones aims to stimulate certain behavior, which can be alarm, aggregation, contribution to food production, defense, attack, mating, etc. The term “pheromone” can be used to indicate either a particular substance or […]

Greek mythology: what it is, gods and heroes –

A mythology greek it was the set of myths and beliefs that existed in the culture and religiosity of the ancient Greeks. Its main records were made by Homer and Hesiod, two Greek poets. In it there were several myths involving gods, but also the presence of heroes and many other beings. The Greeks were […]

War of Emboabas: context, causes, consequences –

A War of the Emboabaswhich took place between 1708 and 1709, involved from São Paulo and foreigners for dominating the exploration of the region of the mines. The bandeirantes from São Paulo were the first to discover gold in the region and wanted to be the only ones to explore the wealth. However, with the […]

What is covalent bonding? –

Covalent bond It is a type of interaction between atoms that have high electronegativity, that is, a high tendency to receive electrons. The chemical elements commonly involved in this type of bonding are: Hydrogen (H) Beryllium (Be) Boron (B) Carbon (C) Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) Oxygen (O) Sulfur (S) Fluorine (F) Chlorine (Cl) Bromine (Br) […]

Abacus. Using the abacus –

Technological advances have contributed to the dynamism of Mathematics, complex calculations are solved in a matter of seconds with the help of computers and mathematical software developed by man. Mere objects like the calculator are present in people’s daily lives, helping with basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, potentiation and rooting. The lines of history […]

Metal Age: characteristics, periods, art –

Within the division of periods of Prehistory, the Metal Age corresponds to its last phase. In addition to being heir to all the transformations that occurred in previous periods, it paved the way for the emergence of the first civilizations of antiquity. This is a transitional period and is named after the use of metals […]

September 7th – Independence Day of Brazil –

O september 7th is one of the most important commemorative dates in Brazil, precisely because it houses one of the main events in our history: our independence. It was on that day, in 1822, that d. Pedro started our journey as an independent nation. Currently, the 7th of September is a National holiday which is […]