Social problems in the Brazilian countryside –

Problems in the Brazilian countryside have been going on for hundreds of years. The unequal distribution of land triggers a series of conflicts in rural areas. This issue began during the 1530s, with the creation of hereditary captaincies and the sesmarias system, in which the Portuguese Crown distributed land to those who were able to […]

Pompe disease. Main characteristics of Pompe disease –

A Pompe disease, also known as glycogenosis type IIa, is an autosomal recessive disease characterized by the deposition of glycogen in lysosomes. It occurs due to the deficiency of an enzyme called alpha-acid glucosidase, responsible for breaking down lysosomal glycogen. The disease is relatively rare and it is believed that there are between 1,000 and […]

Training for the entrance exam writing test –

The philosophers Adorno and Horkheimer conceived the concept of «Cultural Industry» with the objective of a new vision of making art and culture using (Avoid gerundism. Improve meaning construction) recent methods of the capitalist system. This thinking includes digital influencers with thousands of followers. In view of this, it is extremely important to analyze the […]

King Louis XV of France –

French king (1715-1774) born at the Palace of Versailles, son of Louis, Duke of Bourgogne and Marie-Adelaide of Savoy, great-grandson of Louis XIV, whose reign was characterized by the struggle of court factions and the failures of foreign policy, which they affected the prestige of the crown and contributed to preparing the republican revolution (1789). […]

Puritan Revolution –

Puritan Revolution, what was the Puritan Revolution, the Puritan Revolution, revolutions, Calvinist confession, my article, history. The published text was forwarded by a user of the website through the collaborative channel My Article. is not responsible for the content of the published article, which is the sole responsibility of the author . To access the […]

Black children – a reflection on their self-image –

SUMMARY The article addresses observations made from conversations with students from a Transition class at the Porto Alegre Municipal Education Network, aged between 10 and 12, about the perception that these children have about their color and ethnicity. It also brings some reflections on the models that are disseminated in our society, markedly based on […]

Christmas Curiosities –

At Christmas time we can see various types of decoration, with the most varied colors and symbols, representing the birth of Jesus. These decorations can be distributed throughout the house, with the aim of brightening up the environment as well as bringing positive energy, linked to the spirit of renewal, peace and love that Christmas […]

Apollo Program –

Third project developed by the then newly created National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationThe NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), O Program Apollo was responsible for the manned space mission that took man to the Moon in 1969. The astronaut Neil Armstrongship commander Apollo 11was the one who first set foot on the lunar surface. The […]