The Punjab in India: Sikh Separatism –

Punjab is a state located in the northeastern portion of India, close to Pakistan and the Kashmir region. The northern border of Punjab is formed by the foothills of the Himalayas (the Panjal in Pakistan and the Shivalik Hills in India). The Indus River forms the western border and the Yamuna River forms the eastern […]

Rheumatic Fever: Cause and Symptoms. Rheumatic Fever: Treatment –

Rheumatic fever is a rheumatic, inflammatory disease that affects the joints. Its origin is related to the body’s response to streptococcus infections, that is, it is of autoimmune origin. Rheumatic fever occurs after an inadequately treated episode of bacterial tonsillitis. The individual may suffer cardiac complications (carditis – inflammation in the heart), neurological complications (chorea […]

Why does cutting onions make us cry? –

You know that burning sensation in your eyes after chopping an onion? And then the crying just starts and after a few minutes that uncomfortable feeling comes. The explanation for this phenomenon is due to the onion cells, one part of which is rich in enzymes and the other in sulfides. When cut, these two […]

Transformers: what it is, formula, exercises –

Transformers are electronic devices that transfer electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another or even between several circuits. The passage of an alternating electric current through any of the two coils of a transformer generates a flow magnetic variable in its metallic core, causing the emergence of a induced electromotive force on the other […]

General Characteristics of China –

Chinese map with its borders Flag Coat of arms Gentile: Chinese Capital: Beijing Most populous city: Shanghai – 9.5 million inhabitants Official language: Mandarin Government: Communist Republic Territory: 9,596.960 km2 Population: 1.3 billion inhabitants – demographic density 136 inhabitants/km2 GDP: National – 5.33 trillion dollars Per capita – 4,000 dollars HDI: 0.755 – Medium Currency: […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome –

In 1935, two North American doctors, Stein and Leventhal, described a set of signs and symptoms that equally affected seven of their patients – excess hair on the face, chest and legs, absence of menstruation and infertility. The patients underwent surgery, in which pieces of their ovaries were removed for study and several follicular cysts […]

Russian Emperors: Rurik Dynasty –

Throughout its history, the Russia it was ruled by several emperors – most of them linked to two dynasties: Rurik It is Romanov. The intention of this text is to highlight some events from the period of the Rurik dynasty, which existed between the 9th and 16th centuries. Topics in this article Russian dynasties As […]