Exercises on the use of commas before the conjunction “but” –

List the columns according to the use of the comma before the conjunction “but”.

a) ( ) It rainedbut it’s hot.
b) ( ) Not just Maria but João was also approved.
w) ( ) Butshe said, I don’t travel without my dogs.
d) ( ) Animals follow their instincts, but man should follow reason.
e) ( ) I bought not only clothes but also shoes and bags.

I. The comma is mandatory, within the sentence, when it begins an adversative coordinated sentence, marking an opposition relationship between the sentences.
II. The comma is optional when the conjunction “but” is accompanied by another word that carries the meaning of addition.
III. When the conjunction “but” appears at the beginning of the sentence and after it an interspersed sentence appears, it must be enclosed in commas.