Exercises on the gender of nouns –

As you know, biform nouns, that is, those in which there is one form for the masculine and another for the feminine, can also be made up of different radicals, which characterizes them as heteronyms. Based on this assumption, he assigns the female gender to the subsequent statements, first observing the model:

The goat and the goat

a – The father and the ——–.

b – The man and the ——.

c – The deer and the ——–.

d- The drone and the ——–.

and – The son-in-law and ——–.

f – The horse and the ——–.

g – The gentleman and the ——.

h – The ram and the ———.

i – The compadre and the ——–.

j- The stepfather and the ———-.

l – The goat and the ———-.

m – The knight and the ——.