Ecuador can be expelled from the Qatar 2022 World Cup due to a false certificate from Byron Castillo, reveals a Daily Mail report

Ecuador may be expelled from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar due to new evidence that one of its soccer players, Byron Castillo, used a false birth certificate, revealed the British newspaper Daily Mail

ENGLAND — The Ecuadorian soccer team can be expelled from Qatar World Cup 2022 in the face of new evidence that one of his footballers, Byron Castilloused a false birth certificate, according to the British tabloid Daily Mail on Monday.

The diary details that the «extraordinary revelation» comes before the FIFA Appeal Committee make a decision this week on the matter, which may affect the participation of the Ecuadorian team in Qatar 2022.

The Daily Mail publishes the recording of what it claims is a conversation between the footballer Byron Castillo and researchers from Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) that analyzed his case in 2018.

In the audio, the athlete «clearly states that he was born in 1995, not in 1998, as it says on his Ecuadorian birth certificate,» narrates the British newspaper.

Byron Castillo, during a Conmebol elimination game with the Ecuadorian team. AP

The footballer cites his full name as Bayron Javier Castillo Segurawhich corresponds to his Colombian birth certificate, not the Ecuadorian one, in which he is identified as Byron David Castillo Seguraaccording to the Daily Mail.

It also «describes in detail how he left the Colombian city of Tumaco to go to San Lorenzo, in Ecuador, to try to carve out a career in soccer» and «names Ecuadorian businessmen who got him a new identity,» adds the newspaper.

At the same time, the newspaper publishes a letter detailing the conclusions reached by the federation after those investigations.

The letter assures that Castillo is a Colombian citizen born in Tumaco in 1995 and adds that there is recorded evidence of the player’s «confession».

Despite this, the FEF officially determined in 2019 that Castillo is an Ecuadorian citizen, adds the Daily Mail, which ensures that Castle «He admitted using a false passport and the Ecuadorian federation hid it.»