Dinophyta Algae –

Dinophytas algae or called Pyrrophytas have a reddish, greenish or brown appearance, bringing together dinoflagellates, unicellular autotrophic and heterotrophic beings. These organisms largely inhabit saltwater environments, with freshwater species existing.

Its internal structure is supported by a framework (endoskeleton), close to the internal surface of the plasma membrane, made up of cellulose deposits. Manifesting a varied morphology, they may or may not have flagella, normally they have a pair.

Some species, such as Gonyaulax catenela, synthesize toxic substances. The accumulation of these algae, as they proliferate, forms large clusters in the oceans, eliminating excessive concentrations of toxins, resulting in the death of various forms of aquatic life (fish, crustaceans, molluscs).

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By Krukemberghe Fonseca
Graduated in Biology