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Someone has leaked the duty contract and Serkan will save Eda from the paparazzi by escaping with her from all the media attention. Her huge professional day is going to be cut short and the two of them will end… The night of the big dinner with Selin and her fiancé has arrived. The evening does not get off to a good start when they show up at Serkan’s house and they meet the future couple at the pool. The manager of El Mundo selects the most interesting news for you. But that is not going to be the only drawback of the businessman.

All reality comes to light

Telecinco cuts the chapters of the Turkish romantic comedy where it seems best without taking the plot into consideration. So, in those 12 weeks, the original broadcast will now have moved to episode 44. Our writers carefully select the news you need to know about the topics that matter most to you. Eda has given up on reminding Serkan of the past and regaining her love.

This is one of the reasons why it has led Sara, 35, to get hooked on the two titles. “I like TV with drama and that’s why I watch them. The South American series are very much based on drama for love, but in Woman, to serve as an example, she continues much more her line on her pathology and she as a single and poor mother ”. If you are also a follower of Turkish series, but you want to expand your seriéphile desires, keep in mind that you can still get your annual subscription to Disney + for €69.99 -or €6.99/month-.

Love Is In The Air Extends Its Finale With More Episodes

The appearance on the scene of his father could change everything. What exactly has the businessman’s father returned for? If you want to know what happens to the protagonist of \’Amor Lógica Venganza\’, you can not miss your appointment day after day. Mediaset divides the authentic two-hour episodes into shorter fragments, which are around 40 minutes. For this reason the numbering of its installments is different, as is the case with other Turkish television soap operas in Spain. It is not the only protest that the fans of this series have.

Serkan will tell his employees who the new shareholder is and will ask everyone to join their efforts to… With the job explained, Serkan and Eda spend the day together. But on the way back, Eda is cold and distant with Serkan, the result of the feelings that begin to surface in her. The most vulnerable and tender part of Serkan little by little comes to light. Eda is managing to soften the little heart of the architect. The two have a pending bet and Eda will ask him to make…

«Imagination awakens love», he will affirm.

However, given that the Mediaset España chain is consuming too many episodes per week, since the week of February 15 it has decided to make changes and broadcast new episodes only on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The new public relations manager, Balca, could become the new threat in Serkan and Eda’s relationship, which could lead to their love and security faltering. You start by watching one episode of these telenovelas and end up finishing a full season of up to 54 episodes. Ozan’s life has once again taken an unexpected turn.

Love Is In The Air

The end of the year is here and what promises to be an extraordinary night could turn out to be the opposite. A surprise wedding and an arrest will usher in the new year. The news that Eda is leaving the company in relation to what Efe does has caught Serkan completely by surprise. The architect freaks out at the initiative of not coming back to see her and desperately requests assistance from… Selin decided to put land in between and has sold her shares to leave the company.

Apart from its open broadcast, Mediaset España also provides the opportunity to watch the episodes broadcast on Mitele PLUS. The high voltage of the scene could be due to an attempt by the producers to increase the audience. If you have a blog, website or video with a popular review of this series, you can produce a link that will be displayed in the view of your review.

“I’m a fan of \’love is in the air\’\’ and I’ll explain why”

I, to avoid it coming out to the press, hid it from you as well. Eda and Ceren were also aware and neither told you anything. In addition to this, Efe knew everything and blackmailed me. If we add to this that Efe has discovered that she was the one who paid the press to avoid discovering that Kaan leaked Eda and Serkan’s prenuptial agreement once Ferit passed it on, her situation is very fragile. If there is something that these series are characterized by, it is the drama that surrounds their plots, from beginning to end. Mujer or Mi hija, currently broadcasting on Antena 3, are an obvious example of this.

Chapter 67

Despite being engaged and having an exclusive life, seeing the new Serkan with Eda makes him come back… Season 1 of Love Is in the Air, all episodes, summaries, broadcast dates, information and individual ratings. Ara Cristina, a 14-year-old girl, also considers herself a follower of these titles.