burned palate? Cooling helps – but not with ice cubes

Bit into the hot pizza too greedily and burned your palate? This can take revenge with severe burns that cause symptoms for days. FITBOOK explains how to relieve the pain and even speed up the healing process.

Hot cheese is just as treacherous as vegetables containing water, since both retain the high temperature for a long time. And then it happened quickly: The heated food or drink hits the sensitive mucous membranes in the mouth, the palate is burned. What to do?

Burnt palate – how to relieve pain

Letting cool yoghurt melt in your mouth can help immediately. Sucking ice cubes is often recommended. However, we advise against it, as the hard edges could injure the extremely damaged mucous membranes.

As with burns on the skin, yogurt also helps a sore palatePhoto: Getty Images

However, the burn on the palate can sometimes be so bad that the mucous membrane hangs down in shreds and the palate is sore. Then it hurts not only when you try to eat or drink something, but also just because, and may require the use of painkillers. In this case, Ibuprofen is recommended, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect. In the pharmacy there are also pain-relieving gels (e.g. Kamistad) that contain active ingredients such as chamomile flower extract and are applied locally.

Promote healing

Chamomile is a healing plant anyway. You can use appropriate mouthwashes (however, depending on the degree of the burn, please be careful and do not rinse too vigorously) and also drink (cold) chamomile tea. Bepanthen is also available as lozenges. However, no means can work miracles. Be prepared for the fact that it can take up to two weeks for the injury to heal completely.

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This has to be taken into account when eating

In the first few days after the burn – you will already suspect this and probably do it instinctively – you should avoid hot food and drinks. But too cold is not good either, as it can irritate the mucous membranes. Likewise, please refrain from very acidic foods (e.g. lemons, tomatoes, vinegar) and spicy foods, and also not into hard snacks such as e.g. B. bite into a crunchy roll, a crunchy apple, crackers or potato chips. Careless eating harbors the risk of further injuries in the already damaged mouth. Soft, slightly cool foods are more suitable for you in the first few days afterwards.

Are burns on the palate dangerous?

If burns of the palatal mucosa occur again and again and very regularly, in the worst case there is a risk of squamous cell carcinoma – i.e. skin cancer. Basically, you don’t need to worry about a burn. Only if the area does not want to heal after two weeks and/or becomes very inflamed should you consult a doctor.

The Munich dermatologist Dr. medical Timm Golüke advised FITBOOK on the content.