Berlin gyms are allowed to reopen in June

Of Caroline Berscheid | May 29, 2020 at 8:33 am More and more areas of public life are being relaxed in Germany due to the corona pandemic. Outdoor recreational sports are allowed again and the federal states are gradually lifting their restrictions on gyms. NRW made the start, in Berlin it starts again on June […]

How good is the KYB brand? –

How good is the KYB brand? Are kyb shock absorbers good? Really, being such a well-known brand with a good reputation, we can say that the KyB shock absorbers are good. We recommend them to obtain top-of-the-line shock absorbers with the best quality-price presence. Who makes KYB shocks? KYB is the largest hydraulic manufacturer in […]

What type of lens is in the magnifying glass? –

What kind of lens is in the magnifying glass? The magnifying glass is an optical instrument that consists of a converging lens with a short focal length, which deflects the incident light so that an enlarged virtual image of the object is formed. What is the main function of the magnifying glass and the microscope? […]

Can nutrient deficiency be the reason?

Of Louisa Young | July 18, 2018 at 4:40 p.m All of us are probably familiar with the insatiable craving for certain foods. Whether chocolate, burgers or fruit – you would like to eat mountains of them. In this context, one often reads about a nutrient deficiency. But can that really be? FITBOOK asked a […]

What number is the name Diego? –

What number is the name Diego? The number associated with Diego’s name is 4. What does Diego’s name mean in the Bible? Meaning of the name Diego: It comes from the Hebrew Ya’gob, which was the name of the apostle Santiago el Mayor. With influences from the Greek terms «didachos» and Latin «didacus», which mean […]

Rheumatism – causes, symptoms and treatment

Of FITBOOK | Aug 24, 2021 2:32 p.m Inflamed and stiff joints, inexplicable pain: rheumatism is a collective term for many diseases. What are the most common forms and what is the best way to treat them? What do the experts say? FITBOOK provides an overview. More and more people suffer from a rheumatic disease. […]

What does the word learners mean? –

What does the word learners mean? Said of a person: Who receives teaching. Who is the learner and his characteristics? The definition of student in the Spanish dictionary is said of a person: Who receives education. Another meaning of student in the dictionary is also a student. What is student RAE? ‘That receives education’: «Suspension […]

What is a postcard and an example? –

What is a postcard and an example? The illustrated postcard, simply called a postcard, postal card or mailing card, is a rectangular piece of cardboard, or thin cardboard, prepared to write and send by traditional mail, without the need to use an envelope. How is a postcard made? How to make a postcard online in […]