Exercises on types of intertextuality –

(ENEM) Who hasn’t had the experience of reading a text and coming across passages already read in others? The texts talk to each other in a constant dialogue. This phenomenon is called intertextuality. Read the following texts: I. When I was born, a crooked angel Of those who live in the shadow He said: Go […]

ETA Group. Characteristics of the ETA Group –

For forty years, the terrorist group ETA (Basque Homeland and Freedom) has sought political and territorial independence. The Basque people fight for a territory that is located in the northeast of Spain and southwest of France. During the group’s four decades of activity, approximately 800 people were murdered. ETA’s violent actions distance separatist desires, even […]

Methodologies in Teaching Mathematics for students from the 6th to the 9th year of Elementary School – Educador

New methodologies stimulate children In order for the teaching-learning of Mathematics to become dynamic and interesting for the student, awakening an interest in the study, providing interaction with the teacher and his colleagues in the search for a better understanding of mathematical principles, the teacher must adopt new methodologies. The student needs stimulation, situations that […]

The Schism of the East –

In the 1st century, after the death of Christ, we observed the consolidation of a new religion that would spread to the four corners of the world. Despite such capacity, we know that Christianity was not a very well-defined belief from the moment the disciples were responsible for the dissemination of the new religion. The […]

Figures of Speech. Subdivision of figures of speech –

To the figures of speech These are resources that make messages more expressive. They are subdivided into sound figures, construction figures, thought figures and word figures. Sound Figures a) alliteration: consists of the ordered repetition of the same consonant sounds. “Waiting, standing still, nailed to the harbor stone.” b) assonance: consists of the ordered repetition […]