6 symptoms that you should immediately see an ophthalmologist for

Eyesight is precious. Therefore, one should react sensitively even with apparently small visual disturbances. With certain acute illnesses, every hour can count. FITBOOK lists dangerous symptoms.

flashes of light

Anyone who sees lightning without it actually flashing in their area should see an ophthalmologist immediately. The perception of flashes of light can be a sign of the beginning of a retinal detachment. The specialized sensory cells of the retina transmit the external light stimuli to the optic nerve. Once in the brain, an image is assembled from the information that corresponds to our perception. According to information from “Apotheken Umschau”, retinal detachment is a relatively rare disease that affects around one in 10,000 to 20,000 people every year. Particularly at risk are people who are short-sighted, suffer from diabetes mellitus or have already had an operation for a cataract.

If an incipient retinal detachment is not treated immediately, loss of sight can resultPhoto: Getty Images

colored rings

If someone sees colored rings around light sources, this indicates a sharp increase in eye pressure – a so-called glaucoma attack. The glaucoma attack is a dangerous special form of glaucoma (glaucoma). The acute, extreme increase in eye pressure can quickly and permanently damage the optic nerve. The patient is at risk of going blind. This symptom requires quick action and a visit to the ophthalmologist. Another sign of a glaucoma attack is severe pain in the eye and nausea.

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soot rain

If small black dots trickle through the eye from top to bottom, there may have been bleeding in the eye. Bleeding, in turn, can be related to damage to the retina – a symptom that warrants immediate evaluation by an ophthalmologist.

double vision

Seeing things twice can have several causes – including serious illnesses. Double vision can be caused by an inflammation in the eye socket, a tumor or a stroke. Because rapid treatment is then crucial, patients should not wait, but go to the doctor quickly.

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Red eye

Dry air can cause the eye to be red for a short time. However, if the redness does not go away on its own, this can be a sign of a serious infection. This is not something to be trifled with either – it can even lead to vision loss.

See bad

If your eyesight suddenly deteriorates or you can’t see anything all of a sudden, there may be an artery blockage behind it. This can be followed by a stroke. This is another reason why quick action is important in this case.